Technological Labs


The departments of ECE consistently work towards collaborating with world leading/renowned semiconductor manufacturers to setup their lab which is greatly used for updating technological knowledge among students community. These labs are sponsored by such manufacturers and are used for non-academic add-on programs, and will be very much useful for product/project development activities.

S.No Name of the Lab Company Facilities Available
1 Embedded System Lab  ecelabc1 PIC 16/18 Microcontroller evaluation boards, PIC32 Development Boards, All Sensors/Peripherals and Interface modules.
2 Analog System Design Lab ecelabc2 ASLK PRO analog system design kits includes regulators/operational amplifiers/converters and so on.
3 PSoC System Design Lab ecelab3 PSoC 5 and PSoC 4 Evaluation kits and CYCD Designer software’s
4 16/32 b Microcontroller based System Design Lab ecelab4 LPC Expresso LPC1115, LPC-Link2 OM13054
5 ARM Embedded System design ecelab5 32b Embedded development boards from different companies are sponsored through this company.
6 FPGA based System Design Lab ecelab6 Evaluation/Development boards from ALTERA for IP Core design and VLSI based Product developments
7 PCB Design Lab ecelab7 Single and Multi layer PCB design, Schematic, Symbol & Foot Print design, DRC, SMD Soldering stations, Routing etc. (Trial license being used for evaluation)
8 IoT (Internet of Things) based System Design Lab ecelab8 ESP8226 wi-fi Modules, SIMCOM 900 GPRS/GSM Modules, Ethernet shield W5100. It can be Interfaced to any Microcontroller through appropriate serial interface.
9 Arduino Development centre ecelab9] Arduino UNO based on ATMEGA328p with all interface shields.
10 NI Lab view lab ecelab10 National Instruments lab view software with complete simulation tool set and data acquisition cards.
11 Embedded Connectivity Lab ecelab11 MSP430, MSP432G2, TIVA TM4C128GH, C2000, ARM35xx 8/16/32b Microcontroller Evaluation kits with appropriate interfaces, Sensor Hub booster pack, AIR wireless link module.