Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the year 2008 with an undergraduate Programme B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (with Sanctioned intake of 60) and  prepares the Graduates to enter a dynamic  and  rapidly changing field with  career  opportunities in  Electric Power, Power  Electronics, Integrated  Circuits, Robotics and Control, Microprocessors  and  The demand for Electrical Power and Electronic Systems is increasing rapidly. Electrical and Electronics Engineering is in great demand to meet the requirement of the growing Industries.

It also runs prominent postgraduate programme M.E (Power electronics & Drives), which started from year 2013 with an intake of 24 students.

“REWORBZ” as per our department name our students have laid their foot prints in all fields, they are glittering stars in this world presenting their excellence & talents.


To Provide Excellent Academic Knowledge and Essential Professional Skills


To provide the academic excellence and to make our student better professionals through research oriented, ethical, social, innovative and industrially collaborating approach.


            To impart research oriented ,advanced technical knowledge which will solve the problem of shortage in conventional energy and supplement adequate power generation through one of the most successful renewable energy resources and thorough which industrial growth, economic development of the nation will be accomplished.