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Department Profile

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) department was established in the year 2008 with an in-take of 60 students. It offers four year undergraduate course in ECE and post graduate program in M.E Applied Electronics with in-take of 24 students. The department is teamed with an excellent state of the art infrastructure, Industrial competitive highly qualified faculty members, active students association and hi-tech Industrial collaborated R&D labs which were set for special purpose training and developments.

Kathir Centre for Advanced Research and development studies (KCARDS) was established in March 2011  and inaugurated by Mr.S.Sasikumar IAS. This centre will aid the students and people from industries to participate/conduct research activities and training programs in the advanced fields of Electrical, Electronics & Communication engineering along with software programming skill sets. Almost trained more than 1000 students on current technological programs. Embedded systems based on Microchip/ARM/Texas Instruments, VLSI based system design, PCB, Cypress PSoC, MC-51 Microcontroller programming, C/C++/Java and so on are the technical training programs being conducted for the students to enrich their capability on development and career prospects.

Many technical Clubs such as Embedded club, Boolean club, Re-Invent club and VLIS & Mixed Signal processing Club. The students can join and make use of their club to conduct various technical programs for their technical capability enhancements. This clubs will organize various technical events every week which caters to the need of updated technological information’s. In addition, faculty members consistently motivate and train the students for participating competitive exams such as GATE/TANCET and so on for their higher academic pursuits and also guide them appropriately to participate in various national and international technical events.

The Department consistently collaborated with leading industries and semiconductor manufacturers on various aspects such as training, research and development and industrial powered sponsored lab setup. This collaboration paves a way for the student community to upgrade their skills competitively on electronic system design and developments. To name a few, the collaborative organizations are:


E-spirit De-Corps an important association governed by the students of our department. Seminars, workshops, group discussions, quizzes, extempore speeches, technical counseling sessions are organized under this banner periodically. These associations also invites guest lectures, conduct national level technical symposium, International conferences (ICATRPD/ICKCE) and quiz competitions to encourage student’s community to participate and enjoy through various events conductions and also it improves their leadership qualities and organizing capacities.

Industrial visits have their its own importance in the career of a student who is pursuing a professional degree. It is considered as a part of college curriculum, seen in engineering courses. Objectives of industrial visit are to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies. We know, theoretical knowledge is not enough for making a good professional career. With an aim to go beyond academics, periodical industrial visits are arranged with support of our faculty members and to name a few visits are Radio Astronomy center, BSNL, Coir Board, JCS Electronics, ACE Electronics, MPower Electronics & Industries, Keltron and so on.

Our department organized add-on programs periodically as per the current industrial requirements. On completion of the training program, students are motivated toward real time product developments. To name a few, a few of product development for commercial promotions are given


The training & placement cell plays a crucial role in scouting for and locating job opportunities for the young graduates and post graduate passing out from the college through liaison with reputed firms and industrial establishments. It functions under the supervision of a full time Training and Placement officer. This cell will operate round the year to facilitate placements in leading industries. Few of the companies are  recruited our students are


We, ECE Department, with an aspiring innovative people will nurture the student’s community to transfer them from pebbles to peak.


The department of ECE and/or in association with industries conducting various technical and non-technical courses during their period of academic tenure in order to make them for better career prospects.

1 C/C++/Java
2 PCB Design and fabrication
3 NI Labview/TI-TINA  Simulation
4 Embedded System based on Microchip/TI platforms
5 ARDUINO based System Design
6 VLSI Based System Design (Xilinx/ALTERA)
7 Cypress PSoC 4/5 Based System Design
8 MATLAB Programming
9 Analog System design
10 ARM CORTEX M4 TM4123GH based  Embedded System Desgin
11 Labview
12 GATE/IAS Coaching
13 Soft Skill development

Note:The department had the complete facility to conduct the above stated programs, but the number of programs to be thought will be based on availability of student’s time. The content and the topics of the programs will be modified periodically based on the current industrial requirements. By overall, the above stated programs will mould the students in all aspects for their career prospects such as aptitude, soft skill, programming, hardware engineering, embedded system design, VLSI System design, PCB Design, PSOC design, Competitive exam skills, product developments  and so on.


The departments of ECE consistently work towards collaborating with world leading/renowned semiconductor manufacturers to setup their lab which is greatly used for updating technological knowledge among students community. These labs are sponsored by such manufacturers and are used for non-academic add-on programs, and will be very much useful for product/project development activities.

S.No Name of the Lab Company Facilities Available
1 Embedded System Lab  ecelabc1 PIC 16/18 Microcontroller evaluation boards, PIC32 Development Boards, All Sensors/Peripherals and Interface modules.
2 Analog System Design Lab ecelabc2 ASLK PRO analog system design kits includes regulators/operational amplifiers/converters and so on.
3 PSoC System Design Lab ecelab3 PSoC 5 and PSoC 4 Evaluation kits and CYCD Designer software’s
4 16/32 b Microcontroller based System Design Lab ecelab4 LPC Expresso LPC1115, LPC-Link2 OM13054
5 ARM Embedded System design ecelab5 32b Embedded development boards from different companies are sponsored through this company.
6 FPGA based System Design Lab ecelab6 Evaluation/Development boards from ALTERA for IP Core design and VLSI based Product developments
7 PCB Design Lab ecelab7 Single and Multi layer PCB design, Schematic, Symbol & Foot Print design, DRC, SMD Soldering stations, Routing etc. (Trial license being used for evaluation)
8 IoT (Internet of Things) based System Design Lab ecelab8 ESP8226 wi-fi Modules, SIMCOM 900 GPRS/GSM Modules, Ethernet shield W5100. It can be Interfaced to any Microcontroller through appropriate serial interface.
9 Arduino Development centre ecelab9] Arduino UNO based on ATMEGA328p with all interface shields.
10 NI Lab view lab ecelab10 National Instruments lab view software with complete simulation tool set and data acquisition cards.
11 Embedded Connectivity Lab ecelab11 MSP430, MSP432G2, TIVA TM4C128GH, C2000, ARM35xx 8/16/32b Microcontroller Evaluation kits with appropriate interfaces, Sensor Hub booster pack, AIR wireless link module.


1 Association Inaugural Function  Mr.Peppin Sahayaraj
2 One day Workshop on “Rasberypi”  Mr.Sadik
3 Seminar on Embedded Systems  Resource person from Texas Instruments
4 One week workshop on CMOS Mixed Signal & Radio Frequency VLSI design  Resource person from IIT
5 Technical Club Event on “Boolean Club”  Dr.P.Murthi,
Principal, KCE
6 Technical Club Event on “Embedded Systems”  Dr.G.Doraiswamy,
7 Technical Club Event on “Mixed Signal Processing & VLSI Design”  Dr.P.Murthi,
Principal, KCE
8 Product of Products  Mr.T.Haldori,Chief Engineer, TANGEDCO & Ms.S.Madhuranthagi, RDO, Sub divisional Majestrate
1 Association Inaugural Function Mr. K.T.S.Prabhu, MAK Controls
2 Workshop on “Industrial automation” Mr.Ragul, Axis global solution, Cbe.
3 Seminar on “Recent trends in PLC” Mr.J.Prabhu,Manager, Atlantic drives &controls.
4 Seminar on “ Recent  trends in embedded systems and VLSI” Dr.Srinivasan, CDAC center,Chennai.
5 Gate forum “gateway to GATE” Mr.Saravana kumar, Director,gate forum,cbe.